Prospectus of Lectures 2021

The missing object: the good – The missing frontier: time – The missing agent: the person – Creation and the Recovery of Reality – Law and the Recovery of History – Spirit and the justification of agency

Gifford lectures 2021

The Gifford Lectures (2021-2022) will be delivered by Oliver O’Donovan, Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh and Honorary Professor at St Andrews on the theme of “The Disappearance of Ethics”.

About Oliver O’Donovan

Oliver O’Donovan, born in 1945 in London and educated in London, Oxford and Princeton, was ordained an Anglican priest in Oxford in 1973. He held teaching posts at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (1972) and Wycliffe College, Toronto (1977), before becoming Regius Professor of Moral & Pastoral Theology at Oxford and Canon of Christ Church (1982), and … Read more